Model 390

  • Fluid lubricant Model 390 is water dispersible
  • Suitable for all type of pipe lines
  • Will not deteriorate natural or synthetic gaskets or duct iron fittings
  • Excellent working temperature range from 12°C to 65°C
  • Contains no petroleum
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Will not support bacteria
  • Meets the NSF Standard 61, drinking water system components

The FLUID lubricant Model 390 must always be used for proper coupling/fitting installation! The lubricant prevents the gasket from being pinched during coupling/fitting assembly, which otherwise could result in leakages.


FLUID Model 390 should be applied in an even and thin amount over the parts to be lubricated. Avoid applying excessive amounts. The best application is achieved when applying by hand. Clean all dirt, burrs and foreign matter from the joint surfaces. Make certain the gasket is properly located. Apply an even coating of lubricant to all fitting surfaces and gasket exterior & interior. Assemble the joint according to the FlUID assembly instructions.

Technical Data
  • Form : Soft Paste
  • Colour : Amber/Tan
  • Odour : bland
  • pH : approximately 9.5
  • Free Fatty Acid : 1-3%
  • Total Alkalinity : approximately 100 mg KOH equivalent per gram

The below table will give an indication on the number of gaskets which can be lubricated with 1kg FLUID lubricant :

Size No. of Gaskets
50mm / 2" 440
65mm / 2 1/2" 360
80mm / 3" 300
100mm / 4" 220
150mm / 6" 135
200mm / 8" 110
250mm / 10" 85
300mm / 12" 65
350mm / 14" 55
400mm / 16" 50
450mm / 18" 38
500mm / 20" 33
600mm / 24" 20


DO NOT ALTER THE CONSISTENCY OF THIS PRODUCT !! Use as is directly from the container. keep away from your mouth and eyes. If eye contact occurs, flush with water for 5 minutes. If discomfort persists get medical attention. Will stain untreated porous surfaces, such as concrete, if not cleaned from the surface immediately.

Caution !!

Avoid all contact with eyes ... wash thoroughly after use. See material data sheet for additional safety and disposal information.

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