Foam Proportioning Unit Bladder Type

is a self contained foam proportioning unit used for injecting the foam concentrate into fire-water stream over a wide range of flow and pressure. Units are available from 200 Liters to 15,000 Liters in Vertical as well as Horizontal Mounting. The dimensions of foam vessel may be Subject to change as per changes in design. Unit consists of a foam vessel, foam bladder, foam proportioner, interconnecting piping, valves and concentrate level gauge. Foam vessel is designed and fabricated to ASME Sec.VIII Div-1. Foam bladder is made of Nylon reinforced nitrile rubber, which is fixed inside the foam vessel. Foam concentrate is stored inside the foam bladder. Foam proportioner is supplied separately. It is connected to the tank by means of interconnecting piping. Inlet of foam proportioner is connected to the fire-water supply and outlet of foam proportioner to the foam solution delivery piping. Units can also be installed in double vessel configuration to facilitate stand-by arrangement for immediate switchover.

  • Largest Range of Capacities (200 Liters to 15000 Liters) in Vertical & Horizontal Mounting. Designed & Constructed as per ASME Sec. VIII Div.1.
  • Largest Range of Ratio Controllers 50NB/80NB/100NB/150NB/200NB. Widest Flow Range (75-20,000 LPM) & Lowest Proportioning Losses.
  • Nylon reinforced nitrile foam bladder is UL Listed with AFFF & AR-AFFF Foam. Concentrate & compatible with all types of foam concentrates with high reliability and design simplicity minimizes chances of system failure.
  • Manual/automatic operation & Horizontal/Vertical Mounting with low installation cost & Can be adapted in to existing foam system. In order to access the technical data sheet section, pls register.
In order to acces the technical data sheet section, pls Register