Foam Chamber

Foam Maker With Vapourseal Chamber

Fluid Foam Maker with Vapourseal Chamber is designed for Protection of conical roof flammable liquid storage tank. General Arrangement of the unit is as shown above and consists of Foam Maker with Vapourseal Chamber. Foam Maker consists of Orifice Plate of required size as per flow requirements and Vapourseal consists of glass diaphragm with vapourseal to prevent entrance of product vapours inside the solution piping. Model FFC Foam Maker is designed to introduce expanded foam directly onto the surface of a flammable or combustible liquid for fire extinguishment and vapor suppression. Discharge device in accordance with NFPA Standard 11, foam chambers deliver low expansion foam directly onto the fuel surface with a minimum of foam submergence and fuel agitation. Minimizing submergence and agitation increases the effectiveness of the foam blanket, resulting in more efficient operation, and superior extinguishing capabilities. Foam chambers have the added advantage of directing all their flow directly onto the product surface regardless of weather conditions, for the most effective utilization of foam resources. Foam chambers have a long history of timely and safe control of numerous incidents. Fluid Foam Chambers produce foam by introducing air into the foam solution stream. The foam chamber is fitted with a frangible vapor seal located at the inlet to the discharge pipe connected to the storage tank. The vapor seal prevents the escape of product vapors into the foam system piping. The location of the vapor seal in the discharge piping, also prevents the escape of product into the foam chamber in the event of an overfill situation. The flow of expanded foam ruptures the vapor seal at a predetermined pressure, allowing the foam to enter the tank. As the foam exits the foam chamber, it impacts the deflector which is designed to direct the flow against the wall of the tank to reduce the amount of foam submergence into the product, as well as dispersing it to each side for more complete coverage.

  • Fluid Chamber meets foam System requirement as per NFPA – 11.
  • Fluid Chamber Models to cover flow range from 75 LPM to 2700 LPM. Confirms to UL 162.
  • Available in two choices of Finish, Enamel and Epoxy.
  • Fluid Chambers are compatible for all types of Low Expansion Foam Concentrate i.e. Protein, Fluroportein, AFFF & AR-AFFF.
  • They are also available in S.S construction for aggressive environments.

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